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What are your opening hours?

We operate through appointment only. 

Our appointment times to drop off/collect your pet can be made:

Monday - Friday 9 am - 11 am and 3 pm - 5pm.

Saturday - 9 am - 11am.

Sunday- Closed for drop off/collection.

If you require an appointment slot outside of these times Monday- Friday please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements.

*Please note we are closed for drop off/collections bank holidays.

What do I need to bring?

While staying with us all you need to bring is your pets food such as a bag of their dry kibbles. Everything else will be provided, such as straw or hay bedding, fresh fruit, veggies and toys. However, you are more than welcome to bring some of your pets comforts and treats such as blankets, favourite toys and tasty treats.

Does my rabbit need to be vaccinated?

It is a key requirement when staying with us, your rabbit must be vaccinated annually and proof must be provided before staying with us. Rabbits must be vaccinated against RHD1, RHD2 and myxomatosis. If you are unsure if your rabbit is vaccinated please speak with your vet before you make a booking with us. Without proof off vaccination your rabbit cannot board with us. 

*Please note all vaccinations must be administered atleast 14 days prior to your stay with us.

Can we view the accommodation?

Yes! To view your accommodation before making a booking, please contact us to arrange a day and time slot for you to come and view the Small Animal Retreat. Please note we only accept bookings for viewings to ensure we do not have too much footfall through the barns to ensure we are not disturbing any pets.

How does dropping my pet off work?

When bringing your pet to us you will drop your pet off in our office and staff will take them to their own accommadation. We understand many people would like to see their pets settled in however during busy periods this will not always be possible as we do not want too much footfall through the barns. However, we will be sure to take plenty of pictures of your furry friend! We are also only a text or email away if you have any questions or would like some reassurance while your pet is with us.

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